Greta Sagona


Since childhood I have always been attracted to two opposing worlds: a more rational one that has led me, after scientific studies, to graduate in Economics and Management at the University of Pisa, the other one more emotional that has always driven me to cultivate in parallel my Creative passions: art, fashion and design.

I always put love in the first place, and that for Alessandro, my husband and father of my son, led me to move for two years in England, the approach to this multicultural and open mind reality prompted me to found my first Blog So Different , among the 50 most read Fashion blogs in Italy between 2013 and 2014.

The breakthrough was on July 27, 2014, when my husband and I crowned our dream: marriage. From that moment to me everything was very clear, I wouldn’t give up the emotion experienced during the organization of my marriage, indeed I wanted to do it and do it again, I wanted to turn it into my work.

Before officially starting my business with Weddinglam, I decided to attend the Academy of Enzo Miccio, an excellence in the field of Italian Wedding Planning. It was an experience that has enriched me a lot and that has laid a solid foundation for my business.

I always thought that the career of Wedding Planner perfectly conjugled my two sides of the character: I can give free rein to the imagination thanks to creative projects studied minutely for my spouses, and I can be punctual and intransigent in the side of planning and coordination with all the suppliers involved. For this I love to call myself Wedding Planner and Designer.

In 2015 I officially gave birth to my project: Weddinglam.
From that moment on I had the pleasure to accompany many couples on the path to their marriage, and I want to thank them all, because each of these individual experiences taught me something precious, a baggage that I will always carry with me and that will help me to face new challenges, new stimuli and new adventures.